Windows live onecare not updating

10-Jun-2017 14:42

The One Care team hinted that it might do just that but stopped short of promising changes."We are evaluating user feedback and will be revisiting how we communicate the installation details of Windows Live One Care," the blog said.It will also enable one-click actions to resolve issues among computers within a home PC network.And Windows Live One Care will support printer-sharing, so it’s easier to connect printers to local networks and allow all users in the vicinity to use the same printer.A One Care user commenting to the Microsoft blog called for more information during installation."I see no practical reason you cannot post a warning label on that same initial notice that all updates for the OS on which One Care is being installed will be set to 'Install updates automatically,' and give an opt-out option," said someone identified as Uncfudd.To further redefine and extend the concept of PC care, Microsoft added features to Windows Live One Care such as multi-PC and home-network management, as well as printer sharing, to help address the modern home environment.In addition, this new version establishes a foundation to better address the needs of small businesses that must protect and maintain a number of PCs, but may not have the resources for onsite IT support.

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Text in that dialog reads, "By using One Care you agree to let Microsoft make changes to your system, such as enabling features that keep your system up to date and make it safer for you to browse the Internet." The disclaimer does not specifically say that AU's settings will be changed and, contrary to the statement in the One Care blog post, it does not mention the Microsoft Update patch service.Press Pass: Will Windows Live One Care 2.0 include any features to protect photos, music and other digital content?Narkunas: Actually, security intrusions are not the only cause of data loss.Narkunas: Windows Live One Care 2.0 will include features that are designed to simplify the management and use of multi-PC environments.

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