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In season one, surviving a car accident which killed her parents, Elena reluctantly returns to school for her junior year and begins dating a mysterious new student named Stefan Salvatore.It is later revealed that he is a 162-year-old vampire.Maxfield's enhanced ripper-werewolf virus into Elena's body, infecting her.Elena's friends are eventually able to find an antidote.It is eventually revealed that Elena met Damon the night of her parents' death, though he compelled her to forget.She eventually chooses Stefan in the season finale but before she can tell him, Elena drowns while having vampire blood in her system; she then awakens as a vampire in transition.

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He says that she was adopted and is actually a descendant of Katherine, and that he saved her the night of her parents' deaths.

She is the biological daughter of John Gilbert and Isobel Flemming, and adopted daughter of Grayson and Miranda Gilbert.

She has a younger adoptive brother named Jeremy Gilbert, who is later revealed to be her biological cousin.

Elena's friends trap Katherine when they realize this.

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Stefan stabbed her with the Traveler dagger, but ghost Katherine reveals to Bonnie, shortly before trying to cross into the Other Side, that she had injected Dr.

She is kidnapped and experimented on by Wes Maxfield, and learns that her father experimented on vampires.