Definition of mandating reporting

19-Aug-2017 15:26

It prohibits employers from discriminating, discharging, or retaliating against an employee who makes a good faith report or who testifies or is about to testify in any abuse or neglect proceeding.Civil penalties of up to ,500 can be levied against violating employers.If the abuse or neglect is alleged to have been committed by a staff member of an institution caring for the child or a school, the reporter must additionally notify the person in charge of the institution or school, who in turn must notify the childs parent or other responsible caretaker.

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Anyone who is required to report and doesn The report, which can be made orally or in writing, must contain the name and address of the elderly person, information regarding the nature and extent of the problem, and any other information which the reporter believes might be helpful in an investigation.

The law grants civil and criminal immunity to reporters who in good faith make or do not make such reports.

Likewise, individuals who knowingly make false reports can face fines up to ,000, a one-year prison sentence, or both (CGS 17a-101e).

In addition to the 0 penalty for failure to report, mandated reporters can be sued for damages if further injury is caused because the reporter failed to act.

s attorneys; (4) assistant attorneys general; (5) judges and necessary parties in court proceedings; and (6) state child care licensing agencies, executive directors of institutions, schools, facilities, or school superintendents.

The law requires certain professionals who have some degree of contact with children to report suspected abuse, neglect, and at-risk situations to the Department of Children and Families (DCF).

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