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22-Feb-2018 09:19

Unlike all the preceding covers, theirs don’t rearrange the song in any significant way.

Rather, they use the song as a room-shaker, a tune so classic and beloved that crowds – already high-energy for these bands – goes nuts.

So, who are the current and rising notables of K-pop?

We’ve already seen BTS make history in the United States with their win at the 2017 Billboard Awards, and spoken to them about their heady ascent as one of the world’s most powerful pop acts.

With K-pop experiencing a stellar rise in America in recently, there’s no time like now to expand your playlist with some of the best that South Korea has to offer.

An insecure man is the worst to kind to have, because he will drag you down quicker than a crack head would.

They are all saying the same thing, “you are a strong woman and you do not need a man to support you.” Independence is a great thing to have, but that does not necessarily mean that you don’t want some companionship type of companionship right?

Mar 23, 2007. Honorable mentions Cherry bomb, Search and Destroy, A Girl Like You, Going the Distance If I'm feeling ironic, All Is Full of Love. I also pick She Bop. Because it's my thread and I'll pick more than one or 5 if I want. And to be honest, I don't really care if you do either. But please put your real, one song.… continue reading »

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Mar 15, 2009. Beginning with a man offering himself up completely to the woman he loves, in the fifth verse the atmosphere suddenly grows chilly, the earlier happiness replaced by fallen tears and broken smiles, burning houses and faked kisses. The lack of explanation is what makes this song so unsettling, serving as a.… continue reading »

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