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10-Nov-2017 20:04

But in a creation practice, there should be no interference or thinking about too many things regarding numbers and charts. Things happened and my fourth album with a major label [Liberation] was accidentally released once the release date changed for the fourth time.You became an independent artist and became the head of your own label after a legal issue with a bigger record label. There are other territories in the world that are ahead of the United States [time], and if they don't get the word in time that it's coming out that day, it's a day ahead. I was given the choice by my legal representation, at the time, to either go to court, which could take over a year, and sue for the money that were owed to me because the album technically came out and legally came out, or just go independent.I've learned to protect my space and take things at my own pace. With every blessing or gift, there's a slight curse. [That] doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to miss the beat, but I think if you're not prepared, you can crash and burn and things can no longer be fun for you.I've always been the one to protect my space and make sure that I follow what's real for me, and sometimes that requires me to take ten steps back, so maybe later on in life I can be 50 steps forward.

We caught up with Mya to learn more about the project and her almost two decades in the music industry. Mya: Smoove Jones is not an alter ego, but it's another extension of my already existent personality, a laid back part of Mya.So I decided to go independent, whatever that meant, and in the interim, I got a partnership offer by a label in Japan called Manhattan Records, and that's when my independent journey began.Has anything surprised you about being an independent artist?When it comes time for tour, there's no tour support [from the label]. I see everything that comes in, and if it works for Mya financially, and it benefits Mya and the brand and other people that are around me, and [it's] lucrative, then I get to have the say.

Jan 28, 2015. US R&B singer Mya has hit back at critics who condemned her appearance at a Miami strip club over the weekend. The star, who enjoyed much success in the. Live it. Been doin' strip clubs, LGBT clubs, dance clubs, straight clubs, concerts, festivals since 1998 to date. I love all my fans and it don't stop.… continue reading »

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Feb 12, 2017. The 19-year-old actress/singer posed for photos with New York Giants wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr. 23, which sparked rumors that they're dating. Zendaya's dad. Janelle Monae arrives alongside Mya at the 2016 Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center on Monday February 15 in Los Angeles.… continue reading »

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