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03-Sep-2017 04:18

Like all Spotify curators, she's built each of her owned and operated playlists (in Colomo's case, more than 200 to date in total) on the same version of the app that anyone can download for free online — a convention that centers how users will see and experience the final product.In the left-hand panel, she scrolls to a folder called “In Construction,” where she keeps all of her unpublished works in progress.

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If a playlist is underperforming with users, its maker will tweak one or more of its components — from the hypothesis to the cover image — in an attempt to improve its prognosis.She lobbied to join the curation operation while already working at Spotify as a community manager in Stockholm, where she landed after shelving a notional career in journalism.“We were growing fast internationally, and I told Doug [Ford, global head of curation at Spotify] that we were going to need someone to create playlists for our Latin users,” she says.“I said, ‘I should be the one to do it because I’m one of those users,’ and he said, ‘You're hired.’”On her i Mac, Colomo clicks open the Spotify app and a familiar black-and-green-accented window fills her screen.Spotify says 50% of its more than 100 million users globally are listening to its human-curated playlists (not counting those in the popular, algorithmically personalized “Discover Weekly”), which cumulatively generate more than a billion plays per week.