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30-May-2017 03:00

The courts would still look at things like the nature of the job, the ability of the employer to monitor performance if the employee works remotely, and what exceptions the employer has made to its "on-site" requirement in other instances. ) *And on a completely different topic, readers who handle immigration issues will be interested in Will Krasnow's discussion of a recent reversal in position by the U. Citizenship and Immigration Services on H-1B petitions.In short, Ford got a well-deserved win, but the EEOC is still right that employers should consider telecommuting or remote work as one possible reasonable accommodation for employees with disabilities. Tags: ADA, Aisha Harris, Americans with Disabilities Act, Ben James, Bill Clinton, Bill Goren, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chris Christie, Connie Harris, Crystal Spraggins, EEOC, EEOC v.(Well, hardly ever.) Therefore, even if you are normally expected to do your computer/phone work at an office, your employer may need to consider letting you work from home as a reasonable accommodation.On the other hand, many jobs really do require you to "be somewhere," much if not all of the time. *A lot of good law bloggers have weighed in on the decision.

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In my opinion, the employee was less than "accommodating" with Ford.

What is the extent of the employee’s entitlement to accommodation with time off or limited duty hours?