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28-Jul-2017 14:31

The women get to question the potential suitor and decide whether or not they want to date him. Australians had no idea that their trashy canceled program had been reborn in China to such success. ” began air its episodes with simultaneously translated subtitles.Australians hated “Taken Out.” They thought that the program and the guests were boring, and that the host was annoying. The show rose to popularity overnight in Australia.Producer Liu Yuan told Sixth Tone on Tuesday that the next episode will show the women’s families judging the men.The show has provoked lively discussions about dating in contemporary China, with some viewers saying the program reveals the double standards for men and women, as well as the complications created by meddling parents with superficial, narrow, and materialistic ideals.Parents ask questions and decide whether the woman is a good match, while the sons wait in a room offstage.The bachelorette only wins the right to choose a date herself if three families voice interest in her.For Chinese, while the show may have its funny moments, it is mainly a dating show, not a comedy The Chinese dating show “Fei Cheng Wu Rao,” has unexpectedly become popular in Australia, where it is known by its English name, “If You Are the One!

A new television series that premiered on Saturday provides just that, with the slogan “Chinese-style blind dating; feel more secure with parents present.” Anchored by popular host Jin Xing — who has been called China’s transgender Oprah — and produced by Shanghai’s Dragon TV, “Chinese Dating” mimics traditional blind dates arranged by parents, placing a female candidate in front of five bachelors’ families instead of the potential suitor himself.Relationship consultant Shi Xiuxiong told Sixth Tone that he wants to see such standards challenged.“It neglects the uniqueness of women and gives them no breathing space,” he said.“Hey, you know that the show from your country, 'If You Are the One!? ” In fact, the program was originally a spin off of an Australian dating show called “Taken Out.” “Taken Out,” was first broadcast in 2008, but was canceled after only a month due to poor ratings.

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The show, for those who have never seen it, has 24 usually reoccurring female contestants and one male hoping to win their hearts.Only one mother on the show said that her son’s opinion is the most important factor in choosing a mate.But show producer Liu maintains that “Chinese Dating” aims to create a platform for parents and children to communicate.“Cold hands mean a cold uterus,” she said, explaining that she believed it signified ill health.