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08-Jul-2017 05:05

But don’t treat every contact you see in a Hangout as someone itching to be spoken with, or a dull reaction as a statement on your speaking prowess.

Respect the Need for Actual Skype Facebook didn’t incorporate Skype wholly into its platform, but just enough to provide for video calling.

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Don’t Send Unexpected Video Chat Requests If you need to talk urgent business in depth with somebody, initiate a voice call.

Other anecdotal cases of interest included a HGV driver who admitted he had not worn his seat belt for 20 years, a transit van driver reading the Sun newspaper, a dutch lorry driver who had knife and another HGV driver who was drinking from a beer can while driving.

Officers also spotted one lorry driver who was texting while he drove with one foot on the dashboard.

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At best, you’ll get someone who’s dressed and groomed decently, but likely too distracted to provide the subtle interaction you’re looking for.