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16-Feb-2017 19:28

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And, inevitably, a good number of singles in today’s tech-centric landscape turn to dating websites and apps for help.

Unfortunately, even the most complex algorithms and carefully worded profiles can leave singles wading through endless pools of options that don’t necessarily mesh with what they’re looking for.

And that’s where Michelle Renée Smith and her team at East Coast Match (ECM) come in.

ECM offers a hands-on approach to matchmaking — with the goal to connect the right people so their bonds will last.

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Image consulting, an optional add-on, helps clients find their best look with some of the most talented tailors, hair stylists, and board-certified plastic surgeons.

Based on a client’s personality and core value requirements, the team meets, screens, and qualifies every match before an introduction is made.

Rather than relying on algorithms or chance, Michelle and her seasoned matchmakers carefully hand-select each candidate they believe may be your perfect match.

If there is a cost involved, let us know so we can negotiate a budget.

Workshop spots are limited, so please respond to us within a couple of weeks so we can help solidify an agenda and help share your passion.“My mission is to help people find love — healthy, permanent love,” Michelle said. It’s gotten so difficult to meet people organically.” East Coach Match operates differently than most matchmaking services, guiding you through the entire process — from learning what you might be looking for in a potential mate to gaining dating techniques and best practices on how to hang onto a relationship.Many matchmakers will introduce you to a couple of candidates and stop there, but not ECM.When people are constantly wondering what’s wrong with them, the odds are slim that they’ll succeed in finding a lifelong bond with someone. Not everyone has low self-esteem, but you’d be surprised how many people do,” she said.