Wireless says validating identity

05-Feb-2018 11:42

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For detailed information about the contents of the file, see A Support Guide for Wireless Diagnostics and Troubleshooting.

For Windows 2000, you can enable tracing in the same way to view the files in the \Tracing folder.

Within the Network Connections folder, the text under the name of the connection corresponding to the wireless network adapter indicates the status of the connection.

Figure 1 shows the information available for a wireless connection in the Windows XP Network Connections folder.

If the wireless connection obtains an APIPA address, Windows XP with SP2 and Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 warns you with the following message in the notification area of the desktop: "The connection has limited or no connectivity.

You might not be able to access the Internet or some network resources.

To disable tracing, type netsh ras set tracing * disabled at a command prompt.

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You can access the Repair capability through the Repair context menu option of a connection or from the Repair button on the Support tab of the Status dialog box of a connection.

This article assumes background knowledge in IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN and associated security technologies and the components of a Windows-based authentication infrastructure.

For background information, see Wireless LAN Technologies and Microsoft Windows.

Figure 2 shows the default properties of the Smart Card and Other Certificate EAP type for Windows XP with SP1, Windows XP with SP2, and Windows Server 2003.

Figure 2: The properties of the Smart Card and Other Certificate EAP type for Windows XP with SP1, Windows XP with SP2, and Windows Server 2003 For Windows XP with no service packs installed and Windows 2000, if the wireless client is validating the server certificate (enabled by default) and the Connect if the server name ends with string is not correct, authentication will fail.

Figure 3: The properties of the Smart Card and Other Certificate EAP type for Windows XP with no service packs installed For general troubleshooting of Windows XP wireless client issues, see Microsoft Knowledgebase article Q313242, "How to Troubleshoot Wireless Network Connections in Windows XP.” For Windows Server 2003-based wireless clients, you can use the new Wireless Monitor snap-in, which can be used to view wireless APs and wireless client event information.

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