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This study mainstreams gender at household level by showing how the gendered roles and relations between women and men influence access, allocation and use of resources in a rural community, Makhosini, in Swaziland.

Implications of the identified gender roles and relationships for water management in Swaziland are highlighted.

As a cartoonist, Firth's work is largely distributed via the internet, most notably through the popular Adobe Flash animation website Newgrounds and his own personal websites.

Several of his works in flash animation, along with multiple music videos and works of video art, have garnered large followings.

This, in turn, meant the harshness of the forest described in the text was replaced by lush greenery, which was distinctly unthreatening, with the characters' "time in the forest appear[ing] to be more an upscale camping expedition rather than exile."Set in a modern, urban, environment. It is filmed at Shepperton Film Studios and at the never-before-filmed gardens of Wakehurst Place. The film tells the story of a Bengali merchant from Kolkata and his servant who visit a small town for a business appointment, but, whilst there, are mistaken for a pair of locals, leading to much confusion.Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a woman getting an education, working and being her own person, but believe it or now I also have very conservative views when it comes to gender roles, children and marriage.As women, we need to stop emasculating our men and start empowering them to be…men!Laurie would go on to co-star with Olivier in the three Shakespearean films that Olivier directed.