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In Burton, Depp found someone who could help him to express poetically his sense of himself as a wounded outsider. In the next five years, he acted in Arizona Dream, Benny & Joon, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Ed Wood, Don Juan De Marco, and Dead Man.Apart from Don Juan De Marco (more about which below), those films ranged from noble tries to jolly entertainments to, in the case of Jim Jarmusch’s Western Dead Man, a near masterpiece.But Depp’s compass, always wobbly, seems to have gone haywire, and I sense that it’s not a temporary phase but the cumulative effect of choices — creative and personal — that he made more than two decades ago.Hard as he works, he’s plainly in love with the kind of dissolution that passes itself off as madcap, countercultural defiance, even when it’s just … And his role models tend to be legendary examples of prodigal waste: brilliant, self-destructive child-men who lead unwary followers over cliffs. His transformation began with his apparent liberator, the ostentatious weirdo Tim Burton.And let’s not forget his pointedly slummy bearing in public.

So Depp was inspired by men who indulged their appetites (or, as therapists say these days, “self-medicated”) to the point where they became cartoons of themselves.

I felt I had violated my innermost self and didn’t want to suffer like that anymore.” He stuck with that decision.

Never much for rehearsal or memorization, he also developed a system whereby he wore a tiny earpiece, through which an assistant fed him lines.

(Depp has admitted that he was heavily “self-medicating” — his words — during that shoot.) No, there would be little Method self-exploration in Depp’s work, only whimsical caricature, from his loving Thompson imitation in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas to his macabre Willy Wonka in Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory — a man deformed by a cold father and given to torturing little kids.

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His Sweeney Todd was underpowered musically but otherwise demonically committed.It was a tender, marvelously designed film, and also a monument to — and justification for — Burton’s morbid self-pity.In Depp, he found a dream alter ego: not some nerdy misfit who had freakishness thrust upon him but a beautiful young man who could have passed for “straight” and chose to cultivate his inner freak.Although none were hits, Depp was right to be proud.

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