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15-Feb-2017 16:28

A few years before any news of his sex scandals reached the public, Josh Duggar openly accepted a position with "anti-gay rights" group, the Family Research Council.

The FRC has been "classified as an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and has a long history of attacking the LGBT community and their friends, family and allies." Similarly, Josh's mother, and family matriarch Michelle Duggar famously narrated a political robocall that went out to Arkansas voters urging them to oppose legislation meant to protect human rights.

One of the photos, along with a letter to her lost fetus read by Michelle is available here.

You may have noticed that all 19 of the Duggar offspring have been given first names that start with the letter 'J.' Is this some bizarre or prescient nod to the Kardashian Klan?

Even though that would be amazing, that is unfortunately not the reason for the alliterative list.

Instead, as Michelle wrote in her blog, the inspiration came from the Bible. They named their first son Joshua (of biblical fame), and things took off from there. John was another biblical name, and wanting to name the girl twin Ana, after a family member, the parents decided to add a J in front (Jana) "for honor." They stuck with the custom into perpetuity, stating that they didn't want any future kids to be jealous that they weren't part of the J tradition.

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The report notes that rather than be tried by law enforcement, Jim Bob instead "met with the elders of [his] church and told them what was going on." Josh was reportedly sent to a "Christian Program" where he would supposedly undergo "hard physical work and counseling." However, as was also uncovered in the police reports, Michelle Duggar later admitted to police that he had merely been sent to stay with a family friend to help him with his construction business.But did you know that the Christian curriculum they follow has its own share of sexual abuse scandals?(which we're pretty sure is the Duggars' least favorite publication) reported in 2015 that the family adheres to a home schooling program from the Advanced Training Institute, which is "a Bible-based homeschooling program run by alleged cult figurehead Bill Gothard." Gothard himself has been accused of a slew of improper sexual advances on young girls, but that's not where the creepiness ends.Will Jim Bob and Michelle welcome any more kids into their family?

This mom in her late forties sought fertility counseling to assess the possibility of even more little Jim Bobs or Michelles. Apparently "Conception is not totally impossible, but most unlikely," says Mrs. When, at the age of 45, the Michelle Duggar announced that the family would soon welcome baby number 20, the clan was all smiles. What stirred up controversy surrounding this sad event was the family's decision to name, photograph, and have a full funeral service for the would-be twentieth Duggar.

In a blog post on her site Long before the scandal, the fame, and the money that comes along with being the star of a hit reality TV series, family patriarch, Jim Bob Duggar served his state of Arkansas as a House Representative.

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