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I told him it was time to go back to the song circle and shortly thereafter called it a night, heading back, solo, to my room.

Then there was the guy who gave me a lift on his motorbike.

He belted out love songs, strategically replacing certain words with “Kristin,” just in case there was any shadow of doubt that he was singing just for me.

If not for the myriad of Bintang beers the group had downed, this might have been quite awkward.

Sure, we don’t have conversations like Jesse and Celine of (and its sequels), but we never share comfortable silence either. For now, it feels right and I don’t hold anything back.

In fact, there were many iffy moments, but we put up a fight. But again, we shouldn’t settle easily in life, should we?

And at the time, it told me to stop being skeptical, and to see what could happen when I said ‘yes.’ “Open up your narrow mind, you umbrella head! Plus, it struck me that my chances to meet someone within my circle were slim to none.

(READ: Why my girlfriend and I decided to use toys during sex) I needed to get out of my comfort zone, which is a cluster of creative workers, and expand my social relation. As our conversation progressed, he confessed that the reason he “chose” me was because I was younger than him, and his reasoning was enough to make me decide not to have a second date with him. The second guy I met was a very nice man who revealed his family history on our first encounter.

So I signed up, thinking if everything falls apart, at least I’ve tried. One day, a stranger sent me a well-mannered, but flirtatious message. In his early 30s, he was well-educated and he travels a lot.

He followed me back to the other side of the river saying he wanted to go ‘swimming.’ What was lost in translation is he really meant, ‘shower.’ In my room.

It took a few days in Sumatra to dawn on me that I was seeing the local boys constantly flirting with the Western girls – a phenomena that was the exact opposite of what I had been seeing in Thailand.

(READ: To hook up or not too hook up: My first Tinder date) And so I was a little more than surprised to find myself feeling a little empty. On one karaoke session with my girlfriends, I sang The Beatles’ “Oh!

Darling” and at the moment I felt like shooting someone. One of my girlfriends suggested that I tried an online dating site to broaden up my social network, “to paint the town red.” For someone who in the past few months had dined on KFC home delivery at midnight after long working hours, this was a radical idea, but I was willing to listen to the little voice inside my head.Then after a few weeks of reviewing messages from men who couldn’t even form a sentence, I found the best-written profile belonging to a guy in a brown polo shirt. I cannot tolerate the wrong placement of “you’re” and “your” in a sentence.Secondly, he describes himself as a closet monogamist.From my point of view, you’re not hardcore unless you live monogamously.