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25-Apr-2017 18:42

Russia’s Western Military District told Interfax in a statement Tuesday that the reports of air force incidents during the drill were “conscious provocation or somebody’s personal idiocy.” The district, however, appeared to confirm the video's validity with a vague estimation of when the incident took place—during summer training."One of the helicopters’ aiming system mistakenly locked a target,” the district’s statement said.

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Another VKontakte account shared a photograph with a local, citizen-run page that documents traffic accidents in the region of what he purports to be an official record of the incident, which dates the hit to September 16, noting two cars were damaged and three people “lightly” injured.In 2007, the Company raised million in series A venture capital from Mohr Davidow Ventures, as well as million in venture debt.The Company had gained significant market share in Europe, Latin America, and Asia, and Mary Meeker had cited hi5 as the 10th largest site in the World in her 2007 Technology / Internet Trends report.In early 2009, hi5 began to evolve from a social network into a gaming network. With Tagged's acquisition of hi5, their gaming platform changed from third-party developed games to games developed by Tagged's in-house team.

Moscow has confirmed close-up footage of a helicopter misfiring into onlookers is genuine but has denied the timing.… continue reading »

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Hi5 is a social networking site based in San Francisco, California. Founded in 2004, it was reported to be the 2nd largest social network after Myspace by 2007. In.… continue reading »

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