Unexpected reboots computer updating nic teaming

13-Sep-2017 11:43

This includes initializing and loading SCSI Controller driver before the Operating System starts loading.

Resolved Issues: In addition, this release delivers a number of bug fixes that have been documented in the Resolved Issues section.

Management Information Base (MIB) files related to ESX are not bundled with v Center Server.

Only MIB files specifically related to v Center Server are shipped with v Center Server 4.0. All MIB files can be downloaded from the VMware Web site at

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A majority of the legacy drivers have been removed from a virtual machine that has been created using Generation 2, but a subset of Integration Services components has been included to initialize at boot and before control is returned to the Operating System.A virtual machine created with Generation 1 supports legacy drivers and uses Hyper-V BIOS-based architecture.Hyper-V BIOS-based virtual machines can only initialize IDE Controller for Operating System to initialize a file system, which is shown in the below image: On the other hand, a virtual machine created with Generation 2 supports UEFI-based architecture, in which a subset of Integration Service components has been included to allow SCSI Controller to initialize before the Operating System starts loading.With this newer systemd release, affected interfaces are identified upon the package install and a udev rule is automatically generated so the renaming issue is entirely avoided. Note this update will not fix systems which have already been updated to 7.3.

Note that the DVD ISO images will not be updated to include this errata update as most virtual environments are using some other network repository for installs that are updated to include errata updates.

See the VMware Tools Resolved Issues for a list of VMware Tools issues resolved in this release of ESX.

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