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24-Oct-2017 04:53

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Information for this essay was taken from Open Stax Physics online book “Open Stax Online book on Physics for College Students” This is what the Physics author in Open Stax erroneously states (bear with me, it is a long example): “Some people misunderstand the second law of thermodynamics, stated in terms of entropy, to say that the process of the evolution of life violates this law.

Over time, complex organisms evolved from much simpler ancestors, representing a large decrease in entropy of the Earth’s biosphere.

Unless energy is directed and created by an intelligent agent for the better, it will not produce anything orderly.

The energy created by the Hurricane Irma, through the Sun’s energy, left us with nothing more than devastation.

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It is obvious that the author in his effort to actively introduce a false idea (evolution of life), he or she introduces statements and assumptions that ultimately lead to a totally false conclusion.

It was in order to decrease the actual entropy of that particular set of marbles.

Those are active actions coming from an intelligent agent. That is not called chance, that is called INTELLIGENT intervention.

No amount of energy from any system, from the sun, of from billions of years will bring any system from a disorderly state into an orderly state unless influenced by an intelligent agent or its intermediary.

Never in a billion years will disorder become orderly without the influence of someone, a person, or an intelligent agent.In equation form, we can write this as ΔStot = ΔSsyst ΔSenvir However, the explanation of this, is simply the reverse.Natural Selection is NOT “evolution” First of all, evolution is NOT a fact, neither is the fact the living organisms “have evolved to be highly structured”.It is a fact that living organisms have evolved to be highly structured, and much lower in entropy than the substances from which they grow.

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