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11-Dec-2017 07:38

Today is Valentines day and yet again I find myself swiping through Tinder. The main reason being, I say that I hate Valentines day, it is just a corporation holiday used to make money.(Which it totally is.) Yet here I am looking at Tinder looking for who knows what, love on Valentines day, a date, someone to take mind off of the stupid holiday? So instead of focusing on the stupid holiday or on Tinder I would like to change everyone’s focus to another issue that is dear to my heart!At the beginning of our decline in conversations I decide to utilize the new google image search. His brother(no name, but supposedly he is 33 years old) just found out he has liver cancer.If you are unaware you can now put a picture from your computer into a search and see if it shows up anywhere else. However, I didn’t keep them up once I started to talk on the phone and then eventually over Skype with Ryan. Everything on interpals matched up to LDSsingles, so I didn’t really have any red flags, except the following. Naturally, I fall all over that one and play the sympathy card.To my despair I found his picture on a non-LDS site. I searched this photo: And found his on a site called His screenname was gallantone. I was of course furious at learning that he had been on interpals just minutes before finding his profile. Red Flag #3: If a guy is into you…he wouldn’t still be searching for Mrs. I try to make Ryan feel better and we eventually talk it through and I thought we moved on. The time between phone calls increased as the months went on.Part of his story was that he has a sister(Tess) who just got married last year and that she lives in Orem, Utah with her husband. Oh, and he has viewed my profile on LDS Planet 15 times. However, with him swiping to the right (indicating interest) on the other dating app, I am confused as to his actual intentions. In both of his profiles, he mentions that he is looking for friends with the possibility of more. While I say on the dating sites that I’m ready for a long-term relationship/marriage, I would be satisfied with a friends first – relationship later thing.

Tampons and pads are among the most requested items in a women’s homeless shelter yet they are among the least donated items.We exchanged a few messages before he asked me for my phone number. I was so attached to this person that I believed wholeheartedly that upon meeting each other we wouldn’t want to spend time with anyone else but each other. Saying that he is a medical student doing an “internship” at a local hospital(his LDSsingles profile states he is from Salem, OR). I told him in detail about my relationship with my ex-husband.I figure that he has to be telling the truth and from the first night we make a verbal agreement to always be honest with each other. Ryan told me he couldn’t imagine anyone doing the things that my ex-husband did.On a day when love may not be in your corner, reach out a hand, or in this case a post and spread the love to those in need.