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Like most compressors it can be noisy but in a live setting its fine and very tamable via the controls. Made with the best components and other than a small piece missing from the gain knob, very nice shape. Try with your PRS and Les Paul for classic rock or blues and youll love them. This guitar was originally a Ltd Ed model with EMG's, thus it already had a battery compartment, so when we added the EMG mid boost, which requires a 9V battery, no modification to the body was necessary.

This is original model Fat Boost sold new for 9 but get this one for just (HOLD-Jim, local 2/23). Based on the discontinued (and expensive) De Layla, the Red Repeat has a cool retro look while giving you four knobs (echo, tone, time, and repeat) to tweak your tone. 2017 Kramer Baretta Special with EVH Frankenstein PU, (front), (back), (headstock), (Frank P/U). These are clean, ranging from excellent condition to never installed. The SPC is a killer unit that adds a lot of versatility.

He also buffed each fret which gives it a very glassy feel on string bends and rubbed the back of the neck so its as smooth as any vintage Charvel youve ever felt.

If youre not a big fan of the 1 5/8 nut, note that this one has the wider 1 11/16 and its a slender C-shape with pearl dot inlays.

This TB59N is a 4-conductor and offered in the wider spacing of a Trembucker, usually to match the bridge position but, hey, this is a neck position.

Duncans Production Floor Custom produces custom spec pickups based on customer desires, anything from color, wire, spacing, output strength, etc.

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It's not a fancy site but it remains unchanged since '98 and I firmly believe, "if it ain't broke - don't fix it." All guitars and other gear have pictures. The real technical work, winding the coils and selecting proper wire and components, has been done for you. Holding the classic clarity, articulation, and versatility of the most common vintage PAF's, the Fat Diane offers a touch more output and a warmer grade magnet which results in a richer and warmer response that is very touch sensitive while retaining articulation or clarity, whether clean or dirty.Fender discontinued this in favor of the Elite Thinline, which I also have in stock, but if you favor the traditional Tele bridge pickup assembly, this is the one.With the compound radius it plays with ease and no vintage radius string buzz. Includes deluxe case, hang tags, manual, strap with strap locks, polishing cloth, and cable.Martin buffed the finish out nicely which took out 90% of the fine scratches and gives it a high luster appearance. 2006 model, Celestion Vintage 30, relabeled by Avatar. I had this Warmoth neck among my spares thats a converted 22-fret, now a 21 fret.

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Includes original rectangular molded case in decent shape (one hinge broken) although it does have stickers on it. Im also including some paperwork that I hoard: Original HM manual and original Kahler manual (pic). Two of these in stock out of a 98 Fender Custom Vibrolux. Nice pair of Alnicos for 0/pair(HOLD-Sean 2/21). Avatar relabels these speakers after putting them through a break-in process, exercising the suspension for 15 hours. This process warms up the low end and smooths out the midrange slightly. Martin did a nice job, better than in the neck detail pic above, to make it look regular. I *think* the customer aspect of this pickup is that its in the wider Trembucker spacing, which isnt normally offered for neck position 59 pickups. Its offered in mint condition (dont know if it was ever installed).Its a great feeling neck with only a sealer coat on back so its as sleek as it comes, with much the same feel as a USA Charvel.

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