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08-Jul-2017 10:09

Meeting new people, having temptations to date new guys might seem to offer better choices and opportunities for her.

It could be many other reasons why she broke up with you. No one can guess how the other person made a particular decision.

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Q: A male client asks: I thought I had a good relationship with this girl for nine months.

It is important to keep busy, meet new people, get involved in sport activities, and/or help others.

In fact, throughout our life we can learn from different situations by reflecting on your experience.

She has now gone to another city, far away to work for one year.

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You will need to search somebody who is more compatible in a future relationship. In dating it is also a learning process in how to select a suitable partner and mastering dating skills.And one of the most important fragments of such skills is having the ability to move on from disappointments.A relationship and dating coach answers: After being rejected, most people will lose self-esteem and confidence.

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They will start to search their own personality defects and think about their faults in such a situation.

I understand that now there is no inspiration to be engaged in such things, but at first it is necessary to force yourself to think this way. Really at first it can be difficult to formulate such a plan and start to put it into practice.

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