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Anything older than fifty years must be sought out under the Wyoming state Archive.The death certificate ate may be obtained by those who fall under the immediate family , legal representation of the family, the bank, insurance companies and estate executors also have the right to file for a certificate of death from the vital statistics department.Wyoming law does not specify a response time, but they do require the records to be delivered quickly if possible.2) You can also access Wyoming public records on public record aggregate websites.

The idea is that by allowing access into government documents, the government will have greater transparency, which in turn will lead to a more trustworthy government.

Many websites have already requested a variety of public records, and since few states have restrictions on how those records be used, a quick search can help you find the data you need.

Wyoming may be a small state, but they still contain a considerable amount of information in their public records.

The links listed below lead to government agencies that provide free online access to public record information.

For the MOST COMPREHENSIVE RESOURCE describing all access methods, restrictions, fees, and search procedures on over 28,000 government and private agencies visit the Public Record Research System (PRRS-Web).

It bears pointing out, however, that there is still a law in the state of Illinois that makes adultery a misdemeanor criminal offense.