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(Over 200 in attendance.) A Lenten potluck social followed the Liturgy of the Pres-Sanctified Gifts at St. (Over 70 present.) In April we returned for another night of bowling.A First Anniversary Party was hosted, again at Diana home, in June 2004.If a single lay person is appointed, telephone him/her, explain the program and that you will be sending information about events periodically.Give the appointed lay person all your coordinates so that they can be in touch with you as well.Information in the emails can include details of the next upcoming event, suggestions that have been made for future events (to get feedback as to which are most popular,) other activities being held in the area Orthodox churches in which the young adults might want to participate.Flyers—Fifty flyers are sent out to each parish priest and lay coordinator as soon as an event has been formalized.

To ensure that the spiritual advisor and the coordinator are on the same wave length as they lay the foundation for the singles group, the coordinator should send the first several email announcements to the spiritual advisor for review prior to sending them to the group. Gregory and I had sent out two emails, we found we had a mutual understanding, so then I sent them out independently.) When the coordinator is ever in doubt about the text of the email, he/she should send it first to the spiritual advisor for review.

In September Diana hosted us yet again in her home for a “Hawaiian/Polynesian Party.” (Again, over 150 in attendance) In November a number of us met in Bethesda for a night of fun, food and bowling.

(84 in attendance) January saw the “Winter Wonderland” celebration with music, buffet and dancing, held at SS Peter and Paul Antiochian Orthodox Church in Potomac, MD.

This was to ensure plenty of time for advertisement!

Thereafter , 6 to 8 weeks was necessary for advertising purposes. Ideally two or three people to send out the mailings in addition. At the first event and every event thereafter, each person signs in with their name, mailing address, telephone number, email address and parish.

Gregory led a discussion about living as a single Orthodox Christian.