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The apostle Paul tells us that the promised seed of Abraham was Jesus Christ (Galatians ).

The beauty of the ministry of Christ is that in him there are no barriers between Jew and Gentile, slave and freeman, male and female (Galatians ); there is neither circumcised or uncircumcised, Barbarian or Scythian in Christ (Colossians ).

This is where the apostle Paul rhetorically asks, "What fellowship hath light with darkness?

" In accordance with the Old Testament teaching, Paul is simply prohibiting believers from intimate fellowship with unbelievers. There are absolutely no grounds in either the Old Testament or the New Testament to prohibit interracial marriages.

In America, as we continue to see the influx of people from all different cultures, who have all different colors of skin, it is imperative that we search the Scriptures so see how we should live.

Actually, the prohibitions were not strictly against Jewish-Gentile marriages as racial mixture, but against believer-unbeliever marriages (cf. Solomon was judged for marrying, not simply foreign women, but foreign women who believed in false gods.

So, we have seen that there is no prohibition against interracial marriages in the Bible.

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This covenant was intended to be international in scope—irrespective of cultural boundaries or skin color, that through Abraham's offspring (“seed”) all the nations of the Earth would be blessed (Genesis 12:1-4).Often, intercultural marriages, more than interracial marriages (for not all people from different cultures differ in the color of their skin), encounter greater difficulties within the relationship.Cultural practice and prejudice is often more difficult to overcome than is skin color.The prophets of the Old Testament longed for the time when both Gentiles and Jews would stream unto the Lord, when the Messiah would be a light unto the Gentiles as well as the Jews, when God would pour out his Spirit on all peoples (cf.

Psalm 2:7-8; -28; Isaiah 2:1ff.; 42:6; 49:6; Joel ff.) These hopes and promises have been fulfilled in Christ Jesus.The beauty of God's judgment is that he is “no respecter of persons” (Acts ), and thus we are to judge the same way (1 Timothy ; James ).You see, God has created all things, including the color of our skin (Genesis 1-2).The early ministry of the apostles was hindered to the extent that they failed to see that Gentiles were to be accepted into the body of Christ, without being converted to Judaism first (Acts , 28; 11:2-3, 8).

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