Japanese men and dating

14-May-2017 04:37

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Have you ever wondered what to expect when dating a Japanese guy?Well, to start with, I am not Japanese nor grew up in Japan, so I totally had zero idea about their culture, characteristics and traits.Even if you are in a romantic relationship, Japanese men rarely show their affection. They also care about what other people would think, including you. On top of that, they are more fashion conscious than most Western men.Therefore they worry that they would make fun of themselves if they try to show their feelings. Compare to Western standard of masculinity, Japanese men aren’t very masculine. Trendy men go to hair salon often to get the special hair cut. Although they are not very manly in the Western standard of masculinity, Japanese women say the contrary.If you see the popular pop stars or actors on Japanese TV, you notice that most of them are skinny and fashion conscious.In fact, many Japanese women find them more attractive than men who don’t take care of their appearance at all.Meeting Local Asian Men and Women has never been easier and safe !

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Japanese men are very different from Western men in many respects.Since Japanese men usually provide for a family, they take work very seriously. It is actually very hard to work in Japan, since many companies ask their employees to invest a lot.Employees also need to sustain a good relationship with their supervisors in order to get a better position in the company.Sadly, it is a fact that there are still primitive ideas of how men should behave and how women should behave in Japanese society.