Free couples two way cam

16-Aug-2017 11:02

This app functions well, is updated regularly and has a really nice interface.

A couple bugs here and there but they are constantly fixing these!

So read on as we show you how to disable your Mac Book webcam and keep the spies in the dark. | Best Mac security tips | How to remove Mac malware, viruses and ransomeware for free Perhaps the fastest way to stop hackers from capturing video or still images of you is to obscure their view.

This high-tech solution involves a sophisticated technique known as ‘sticking a bit of tape over the camera’.

If you want to test the effectiveness of your audio security you can call of friend on Face Time and then see how much of your utterances they can hear.

Another method of warding off snoopers is to mute the input from your microphones.

Better than any other security app I’ve found so far. I’ve tried several of the free Foscam apps but their buggy, ugly interfaces really let the whole concept down.

OWLRs app has a fantastic interface which works smoothly on i OS, and is the only one which has push to talk supposed for my camera models (finally! Deleted all the other paid cam apps, this is the one I’ll use.

If you don’t want anything sticky getting on the lens then you could always cut a small strip off of a Post-It note so that the sticky part fixes it above the camera and the normal paper covers the lens.

Regular updates are appreciated too, there is just no competition.