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It’s a far more complicated world, and today’s kids understand that.

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After some coercing, Newton finally consented to an interview.Ultimately, it was an uncovering of deep inequities facing black and brown people in a seemingly progressive, New South city.Some of the speakers on Day 3 had ties to the protests.That’s reflected in most of his discussions on race since his MVP-winning season in 2015, and represented thematically in this program. But he seems to worry less about those historic power structures in place that have limited or stunted upward mobility among minorities and focuses more on people of any color overcoming whatever unfair obstacle there may be.

On Day 1, the students made a banner that would go on to hang in the classroom for the rest of the weekend.“One-hundred percent of my students graduated high school, while 90% of my clients dropped out of high school,” Romain said.“One-hundred percent of my students will end up in corporate America, while 90% of my clients will end up in corporate prisons.” From that week rose Braxton Winston, who has transformed from a shirtless, dreadlocked protestor photographed raising in fist in front of heavily armored police to a dreadlocked city councilman.Newton often recalls how he didn’t truly interact with white people until his freshman year at the University of Florida.

Days ago. CHARLOTTE, N. C. — The third and final day of the Un1ted As 1 program fell on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which was not a coincidence. Fifty-seven sixth- through eighth-graders brainstormed some of the problems they've observed at school or in their community and how they, as young leaders, can.… continue reading »

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