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11-Dec-2017 17:52

If you were REALLY a nice guy, then you'd be nice because being nice is its own reward. You've never reacted to a girl being angry and throwing insults at you.

You imagine that you would hug her and say "you're right, I'm sorry" like they do in the movies but being in that situation could actually really bring the monster out of you.

This actually extends beyond getting a date for the weekend as well.

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I'm tired of hearing the same old sob story with such an obvious solution: nice guys finish last because they won't even run./rant Maybe he's a nice guy, maybe he isn't.How are you going to stand up for your woman when you lack the bravery to even say hi? but just like you, I don't want to hear people complain about it.I'm tired of hearing the same old sob story with such an obvious solution: nice guys finish last because they won't even run./rant Well, for starters that isn't even really being "nice". That actually describes my behavior pretty well, I generally just stick to myself.The part that's a problem is that he's a loner/introvert.

The whole meeting people thing isn't that hard, guys - you just have to do stuff with other people.I've seen it before with friends so, don't assume you're that nice romantic when you've never even done those nice romantic things yourself.That's basically what I'd tell them if I had 8 minutes to spare with those guys =P We have quite a few of those hypocrites in these forums.What I DON'T do is then bitch and moan about being ignored or otherwise excluded.

Jun 23, 2012. They're romantics who fall short of their own ideals. As we've seen, nice guys are too timid to approach their crushes directly, so they flood in a lot of missing details. Until they actually date a woman, they're in love with who they imagine her to be, not who she is. And who they imagine you to be is who they.… continue reading »

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Shane Black Iron Man 3 directs this police drama set in Los Angeles during the 1970s, and centering on a pair of detectives who stumble into a sprawling conspiracy while investigating the alleged suicide of a once-prominent female porn star. Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling top-line this Warner Bros. release that.… continue reading »

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Yes, they do date foreign women. I am from the Philippines and my fiance is a Norwegian. They are, well, my Norwegian man is so kind, respectful and nice guy. He is kinda shy at first when we first met, and I noticed that he is being very careful talking, i mean being so careful not to hurt my feelings.… continue reading »

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Paranorman- Yeah, no doubt that their priorities will change eventually but what bothers me is that it's perfectly logical to them not to date "ugly" nice girls because "nobody likes ugly women" but when women don't date them because they're ugly they're shallow bitches. Wonder what these guys think they have to offer.… continue reading »

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Sep 23, 2015. We've all heard this phrase thrown around by some "gentlemen" "Why won't she date me? I'm such a nice guy!" Or maybe even "Girls today really don't appreciate nice guys, they're too busy sucking the cocks of assholes who treat them like dirt!" If you hear something like this, odds are the speaker is a.… continue reading »

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