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06-Jun-2017 03:31

an individual can browse for his or her ideal spouse among a catalog of potential candidates organized by the personal information that apparently matters most: religion, caste, income, fairness of skin, family background, and so on. Unlike online dating services, which at least superficially foster some sort of romantic connection, and which are effectively nonexistent in India, matrimonial websites are predicated on the idea that the first meeting between two paired users will be to chat about their wedding.Jenkins seems quick to paint the websites as little more than arranged marriages-lite, based in part on one personal encounter with a woman whose profile was written by her parents. So far I have met 4 women through these sites and nothing transpired after the first date!All of the women were from this millennial generation who have no clue what they want in their lives and I will be honest I feel the same at times.After all, with a lot of dating websites like Match and e Harmony, users can specify almost everything they’re looking for in a partner, so why wouldn’t you be choosy?New research has revealed, however, that people are in fact Researchers from the Queensland University of Technology studied data from Australia’s largest dating website RSVP and the dating profiles of over 41,000 people aged between 18 and 80 in a bid to work out whether the rise of online dating has changed people’s habits.

Their worth is expected to grow in Rs 15 billion (8 million) by 2017.

They concluded that singletons are disregarding their ‘check-list’ of criteria and pursuing other potential romantic partners who have sufficient acceptable qualities.