Updating path in bash shell

08-Dec-2017 14:25

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These commands include Linux shells recognize many types of filenaming wildcards, but this is different from the capabilities of Linux commands supporting the use of more complex expressions.

You learn more about using wildcards in Chapter 15.

Edit 1: I think the PATH information you found, that the default path (unless we override it) is the one compiled into sshd.

I made sure that my /etc/profile, /etc/bash*, local dotfiles, etc.

The character between each directory in the C shell’s $path variable is a space.

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After reading that file, it looks for ~/.bash_profile, ~/.bash_login, and ~/.profile, in that order, and reads and executes commands from the first one that exists and is readable.

Another file management operation is compression and decompression of files, or the creation, listing, and expansion of file and directory archives.

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