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The car clacked upward and I gripped the safety bar with all my strength. The first drop was nothing, but then the track rose again and the next hill was…thrilling!

The whole ride lasted less than three minutes, but I loved it!

Heading home after the show, I realized that the whole evening had passed without us talking about the kids.

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You get an excited, good feeling when you do these fun things, and yourpartner is associated with it. And it can be very positive for your marriage." In other words, when you have fun with your spouse, you begin to think of him as fun. Aron, David and I decided to conduct our own dating experiment. David didn't notice I had gotten dressed up—he was busy being annoyed that, as usual, I was running late. I was chatting on about a friend's work situation (which I thought was interesting) when David finished my sentence for me, assuming he knew what I was going to say. We didn't speak again until 30 minutes later, when we arrived at dinner. After 30 minutes together in this cool space, I was cooler, too.I realized, too, how much we've accomplished as a couple since then—kids, a home, careers. Date 3: Taking on the Coaster I began searching websites and local newspapers and magazines for outings. Aron said we'd also bond by overcoming challenges together, I suggested a trip to our local amusement park, where I'd always been too scared to ride the roller coaster."Doing something together that you've always been afraid of can be very positive for the relationship," Dr.Tommy was a National Guard Reservist called into action during the Gulf War.

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On the last Sunday before his actual deployment, the church he attended had a special time of prayer, sending him off with their promise of support and encouragement.

By the time we finished our coffee and headed outside, we actually felt like the 20-something couple we were when we first met.