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13-May-2017 12:55

For some reason I did and hoped he would stick around to answer some queries, but he was gone. Back to the thread, thanks to the person who posted the Eric Hanson link!I want to know about all of these guys as well, especially Max Grand and Kent Larson.Saw muscle daddy Zac Spears in his driveway, watering, last week - lives behind Pavillions, in We Ho, on Keith Ave. Tom Chase turns up in some Colt stuff once in a while these days.Zak Spears is supposed to be a personal trainer and he also turns up once in a while in vids.There was a 1990's performer who was known for his fountain-like cumshots.Paul Morgan was his name, he was in so many films but then just vanished. I've run into that Jack Radcliffe character a couple different times in social situations in San Fran and Guerneville.Retirement is great - even if you have to have sex with a balding, hair-transplanted, roided up, botoxed, alcoholic, drugged up mess ! Sadly, many of them see these guys on film, develop an obsession and buy their love.Also sadly is that some of rhese porn stars go where the money is, as a permanent escort. Anyone care to give us updates on some of the famous former gay porn stars? Saying that any of the names mentioned here were "big stars" is tantamount to saying that Claudja Barry or Viola wills were huge multiplatinum recording stars.

I also was a bit confused how heart failure kept being listed.To call them big stars is an exaggeration.[quote]WHET Danny Sommers? He is currently in marketing for a national, well-known consumer site.He has done very well in his last two jobs in the same field, and was eagerly hired for the job he has now.Let me tell you, I have never encountered such a prissy little fucking cliquish SNOB in all my life.