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23-Feb-2018 03:42

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Although Chicago doesn’t have a place to go out every night like Los Angeles, it makes up for that by opening its nightclub doors until 4-5 AM on Friday and Saturday in a similar fashion to New York or London TIP: When it comes to 2 AM and beyond, this is what is known as “The Witching Hour” or “Cattle Call” as in people are drunk and want to hook up.If your eyes are peeled and you aren’t too drunk, you might have a chance at finding a beautiful girl prowling for a one night stand.Second City is, of course, the granddaddy of comedy-themed date nights, but good times can also be had for fewer dollars (and fewer people from Iowa) at indie comedy venues like the Cornservatory or regular stand-up nights like Timothy O’Toole’s “Comedians You Should Know” (see full list here).

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Enclave (220 West Chicago Ave): This is my favorite Windy City favorite spot! Friday is typically a very busy night with a great crowd.There are plenty of comfort couches to sit girls down, and if the music is too loud, there’s a small lounge downstairs with a huge wrap around couch to pull people into where the music is subdued. Be warned, the bouncers are extremely picky about who gets into their club. I’ve seen girls in revealing outfits get turned away from the club because they weren’t naturally attractive enough.If you’re coming to Tzar, bring your fashion A-Game. Ontairio St): Soundbar is a very large 2 story venue with a large dance floor and isolated table service area guarded by a bouncer at all times.The music isn’t very loud, but the line here is often very long. The talent here could be much better, and the crowd attitude overall is average.